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Because of their passion for horseback riding, Koshyar, 26, and Renas, 25, started an Instagram account under the name (KO-NAS), a combination of both their names. The account aimed to spread awareness and information about horses and equestrianism and spread the joy and benefits of horseback riding. They visit and show equestrian centers in Kurdistan, creating informative content to motivate people and inspire a culture of horseback riding in the region. KO-NAS expanded into selling horseback riding merchandise and equipment and developed an affordable local mixture of natural herbs that protect horses from flies and pests during the summer. The duo opened an equestrian field called (KO-NAS riding) in collaboration with the North Island project in June 2022 near Kuna Masi resort. Women should strive to realize their full potential and make a visible impact in all fields. KO-NAS have demonstrated that women who believe in themselves and strive for their goals can reach the pinnacle of success by choosing their own lifestyle.