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Semyanî Perîzade, a Kurdish and bisexual artist, originates from a small Kurdish town near Diyarbakir and presently resides in Istanbul. In 2023, she courageously stood for the legislative election, representing the pro-Kurdish party (formerly HDP, now the Green Party). Her primary goal was to advocate for the rights of Kurdish people and women in Turkey. Despite not making it onto the candidate list due to facing public insults, humiliation, and threats, she remains steadfast in her cause, using her music as a means to continue the resistance. Just before the first round of elections, she released a song titled ‘Biryareki’ (choice) in Kurmanji.

Due to her style, with a shaved head and tattoos, Perîzade is often referred to as the “Kurdish Amazon Woman,” a label she embraces despite knowing it can be provocative in Turkey. She intends to have a “symbolic wedding” with her partner Zeyneb aka Lilian Perîzade in Diyarbakir like a traditional Kurdish wedding. However, their path has not been easy, as they frequently face aggression and hostility.  

“We are very often victims of aggression, once people threw stones at us in the streets”, she said. 

Photo: Julia Zimmermann/Metrography