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At least 34 people were killed and 570 others were injured in the protests and armed clashes which broke out between Shia factions in Iraq last Monday, on 29 August 2022, after Sadr announced his resignation from politics. The slogan of the protesters in Baghdad “Nureed Watan” (We want a homeland) expresses their wishes for a homeland free of Iranian intervention. Protests by Moqtada Al-Sadir’s followers first broke out on 27 July 2022 to oppose government formation efforts led by Sadr’s Iranian-backed opponents. Sadr Won the majority of seats in the last parliamentary elections. His efforts to establish alliances and form a government in Iraq, excluding the Coordination Framework Alliance (CFA), were challenged by his opponents. Metrography’s photo editor and photographer visited the families who lost their family members in Sadr city in Baghdad.