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Hawzhin Mohammad Rasool, 28, is a teacher and social activist in Shene village, Qaladza, who works tirelessly to help people and raise awareness among women in her village on their rights and the causes of violence while working with foreign organizations for the same purpose. Hawzhin organizes activities outside the classroom for her students to provide a new teaching experience. On Fridays, she organizes talks and gatherings to educate women about violence, their duties in prevention, and their human rights. No woman has been killed or self immolated in Shene village for several years. Hawzhin regularly participates in international and local conferences on women’s rights and preventing violence, and takes all this information back to her village. She has a good friendship with animals and is very active in protecting animal rights as well as paying special attention to local products. Photos: Shamal Hisamadin/Metrography.