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My story is about a girl named Avista who is 24-year-old, who is married and has a child. Avista works as a nurse (physiotherapy) at Shar hospital in Sulaymaniyah. Avista is a tireless worker, who cares about her patients deeply. Her shifts are 24hours long, but without ever getting bored, nor tired, Avista can help her patients and support them in the recovery of injuries, or in the treatments of long time disease. Most of the time she lives with her parents because her husband is a Peshmerga and therefore is often away. On the side of her job at the hospital, Avista works with her parents who run a business in the decoration for parties and wedding design. Her ideas and creativity find their way in this part-time job. Through my story, I wanted to document her daily lives, and the interconnection of her jobs and her personal life, showing all different aspects of it.