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Over the past summer Metrography led a 3-phases workshop in visual storytelling in the city of Sulaymaniyah. The aim of the workshop was to enlarge Metrography outreach in the cultural capital of Kurdistan as well as to find and nourish new talents from the region while pushing them to embrace the medium and develop their visual storytelling skills. The six participants – Bnar Shwan, Birawar Najm, Xogr Ahmed, Hama Sur, Seivan M. Salim, and Fatn Ismail- were firstly briefed on photography basics, the language of photojournalism, and visual storytelling techniques. Secondly, they were coached through the research, execution, editing and curating of their stories by Metrography’s editor in chief Stefano Carini, and photo editor Dario Bosio over three separate workshops. The results are now part of Metrography archive and we are proud to publish them on our website (all but one, as this is still exclusive and will be launched on the website of Map of Displacement in October)